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Now many people use smartphone because it is found at cheap price with many features included and Wi-Fi is very important feature which is very necessary to use. For the Wi-Fi, user do not need to pay mobile operator for the wireless internet connection. In many public places, Wi-Fi internet is distributed for free. So, User need to use smartphone or laptop or tablet PC. If you want to use Wi-Fi in your home, then you need a router and this router can be purchase from online store or the local computer store. The price of the router is around $30 and you can buy expensive router based on your demand.
For getting cheap wireless internet, you need to use a router and this device is alone enough for conversion of the internet to Wi-Fi. For using the Wi-Fi, you do not need any additional internet connection or wireless internet connection based on the mobile operator which is very expensive. When you want to buy a router, then you can buy popular router based on brand and reputation. In this case, Linksys is my first choice. Because feedback from users about this brand is positive. Different routers use different IP address as default and users need to know the default IP address what is setup by the manufacturer. The default IP address for Linksys is The default IP address is not only used for login to the router but also, this IP address has many uses. But if you make any mistake in the IP address, then you cannot use the IP address for log in to the device. It is found that many users mistype the IP address as This Is a problematic IP address and users cannot identify problem of the IP address at the first sight.
The false IP address does not give user any option to login to the router. Because this IP address is not supported by any router. But if the user used the correct IP address, then they could login to the router. The false IP address looks genuine. Because it is also made of numbers and dots. But in the false IP address IP address class has been changed. The IP address class is very important thing and when you change the IP address, then you need to notice on the IP address class. Because the IP address has a constant part which you cannot change. That parts identify the IP address class and you cannot change that part.
Now most of the home routers use IP address from Class C and Linksys routers use default IP address and it is also from Class C. In many home routers and networking device, you will find the IP address from Class C. You have to maintain the class when you change the IP address. Make sure that you have used correct form of the IP address or you will face problem. The fake IP address will make error and you can never login to the router. However, you need to maintain all of the things. For using the false IP address, you cannot get the login screen which is necessary for accessing the next step.
If you cannot get the log in screen, then you cannot access next step of the IP address. Any false IP address does not take you to the next step. This is why, you have to fix the wrong IP address to correct and then try to use it. If you try to use and then the browser cannot identify the router where the IP address is setup. There is no any networking device where you will get IP address to use. Because this IP address is not formed properly and there is a mistake in the IP address.
Let’s try to log in to the router with the correct IP address. The correct IP address is and you need to use a browser where you will type the IP address Now click on the go button or press on the Enter button from keyboard. Now for going to the next step, you will get a pop up screen where you have to use username and password. Now click on the OK button or log in button, then you will be logged in. Without log in to the router, you cannot setup anything or use internet. However, clean the browser history before using the correct IP address.
The IP address is used in the Windows computer as private IP address but this IP address has no relation with the router and networking devices. Windows computer IP address does not have any relation with DHCP server or the router.
Now You have logged in to the router and you know that you do not need to use IP address for any reason but if you want to test the false IP address, then you need to type the fake IP address on the IP address place in the router. However, the router does not let you save it or use the false IP address.
You have to change the default IP address only for the IP address confliction problem. This problem does not let users to use internet and in this case you can use internet after changing the IP address. IP address confliction problem occurs from multiple devices. When those devices run in the same network with same IP address, then you will get the problem. You can solve the problem by choosing any IP address from the IP address range to The basic number starts from 0 to 255. Make sure different devices use different IP addresses.
Remember the correct IP address, username and password. Because you need to know all of those information later. There is a reset button with the router when you press the reset button, then all of the data will be removed auto. Then the users cannot log in to the router with manual information. This is why, it is recommended users to keep the default IP address and other information safe. To know more about reset button, use the manual of the router to know detail.
From the router manual, users can learn all of the things related with IP address and router but this article will provide more information which are not available in the router or any other websites. You can use YouTube for video instruction but you cannot get everything. However, I hope that this article will fill up the blank what you have missed in the router.